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                The secret of baby saliva towel gauze

                Company News
                2017/12/28 10:20
                Waterproof, of course, you don’t have to worry about your baby drooling and wetting your clothes.
                The difference of saliva towels of various fabrics:
                1. Waterproof
                Waterproof, of course, you don’t have to worry about your baby drooling and wetting your clothes. There are many people who choose to take care of it, but it should be noted that the breathability is poor. Waterproof saliva towels generally have layers.
                The first layer: the surface layer of quick-penetrating silk and thin soft cotton, which can accelerate the rapid diffusion of liquid, help to absorb instantaneously and prevent side leakage.
                The second layer: strong water-locking cotton core (high molecular polymer, dry-laid paper strong water-locking). The third layer: breathable and comfortable bottom film, super breathability, medical grade sterilization treatment.
                2. Cotton saliva towel gauze
                It doesn’t hurt your baby’s skin, and the straps are thicker, so you won’t worry about strangling your baby’s neck. However, be careful to choose a double-layer gauze for your baby, otherwise it will be thinner, and it won’t take long to let the clothes get wet. Generally, it will only be used for the baby for half a day, and then it will have to be replaced.
                Three, towel type
                This back side is buckled with paste, so as to avoid the hard buckle from scratching the child’s neck. But this kind of bib will not be good when it touches the milk dry. The hard, hard, not as soft as the new one. At this time, the baby's chin will be rubbed, and the rubbed red is not recommended for use in winter.

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                2017-12-28 10:20:00
                Cotton era baby gauze bath towels are newly launched
                Just give him a bath to know how cute a human cub is. When you take a bath, wipe off the fragrant shower gel.
                2017-12-28 10:19:00
                Gauze towel, pure natural, environmentally friendly, safe and assured
                Gauze towels first appeared in Japan. In Japan, people are accustomed to using double-sided gauze handkerchiefs in baby products.
                2017-12-28 10:21:00
                Excellent products at low prices_quality of life preferred
                This bath towel is made of 100% cotton fabric. With the addition of 40 combed yarns, the higher the count, the more delicate the yarn.